Manal Chehade Won Best Social Media Technical Expert Afdal Award 2023

Manal Chehade, a remarkable social media expert and journalist, hails from the enchanting land of Lebanon. Throughout her formative years, Manal displayed an innate curiosity and passion for storytelling and communication. She pursued higher education in journalism and media studies to nurture her talents and excel in her chosen field.

Manal’s journey into journalism began with a strong desire to uncover the truth and share accurate information. As she ventured into the professional world, her dedication and relentless pursuit of journalistic excellence gained recognition. Her exceptional research skills and compelling writing style earned her a prominent position as an editor at @wikipedia, where she played a pivotal role in maintaining the platform’s integrity and reliability.

As the digital era transformed media consumption, Manal recognized the immense potential of social media as a powerful tool for storytelling and global connectivity. Driven by her journalistic expertise, she embraced the digital frontier and quickly emerged as a trailblazing social media expert. Her visionary approach to social media strategy and content creation caught the attention of prestigious platforms like @Reuters, @Google, @SnapChat, and @YouTube, leading to her certification by these esteemed entities.

Fuelled by her commitment to combat misinformation and promote accuracy in the digital space, Manal embarked on a mission to make a significant impact. She founded @theverificat, an innovative platform dedicated to fact-checking and delivering authentic information. The platform rapidly gained traction and became a trusted source, countering the spread of false narratives and contributing to a more informed digital society.

Manal Chehade’s remarkable contributions to journalism, social media, and fact-checking have garnered global recognition and admiration. Her work has not only inspired aspiring media professionals but has also influenced the way information is consumed and shared in the digital age. As she continues to lead the way in her field, Manal serves as a shining example of dedication, innovation, and positive change in the dynamic world of media.

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