K-Syran has seen tremendous success as a singer songwriter, actress, author

Amazing artist K-Syran has seen tremendous success as a singer songwriter, actress, author, director, and lyricist, not to mention as an impassioned activist for women’s rights. K-syran is very successfull on all platforms she has millions of fans all over the world who cant wait for more and

As a trained actress at RADA & GUILDHALL SCHOOL OF MUSIC & DRAMA , her musical career knows no bounds, with previous musical collaborations that include Blue, Sugababes, StoneBridge , Sebastian Pérez to mention a few.

You can catch her in Ibiza opening Ibiza GayPride 10th of June & other venues to be announced very soon.

Her remix of “Don’t Call Me Baby” is also coming out 10th of June

Her single ‘Intimacy’ was nominated by the United Nations in the U.K. 

to be the anthem of international Women’s Day, while her album ‘Dizzy’ has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards in the U.S. 

2023 she is also coming out with her self produced movie ELLIDA based upon Henrik Ibsen’s famous play, The Lady From The Sea, where she plays lead role, Ellida.

And her role in U.K. thriller HOUNDED.

Her energetic and versatile live performances as well as an exquisite dress sense, K-Syran continues to amaze fans with her upbeat and infectious style. 

For more information about this talented artist, visit her website at

https://www.k-syran.com, her Instagram account or YouTube channel. 

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