The Weeknd has reverted back to his real name on his social media channels – after vowing to ‘kill off’ his professional persona. 

The Blinding Lights singer, 33, has been known as ‘ @theweeknd ‘ for 12 years. He recently revealed his plans to drop the name after the release of his next album

And he has now changed his username to his real name – Abel Tesfaye – on his social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.  

The four-time Grammy award winning artist previously revealed ‘The Weeknd’ originated from him dropping out of school, taking his mattress, ‘leaving one weekend and never coming home.’

It is missing the ‘e’ to avoid copyright issues as there was already a Canadian band called The Weekend. 

Fans had mixed reactions to the change, as they flooded to social media. One tweeted: ‘going to miss the weeknd but im excited for abel.’

Another added: ‘Always gone be the WEEKND TO ME,’ while a third joked: ‘anything but The Weekday

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