DOMY DJ – is the new famous electronic music artist defined as the musical experimenter!

DOMY DJ- , Domy is a diminutive of Domenico, italian name, indeed -DOMY DJ- is an italian artist born on 23-02-1985 and grew up in the south of Italy, precisely in a small town in the heart of Puglia.Since he was a child he discovered his love for music in general, but from the age of 13 he became passionate about dance music, electronic music, new age and film soundtracks, artists like Daft Punk, Jean-Michelle Jarre, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, Enigma, Mike Oldfield and many others begin to create his musical bases in his mind; than it is the period of the explosion of dance music and it is overwhelmed by this wave of new music in vogue at the moment, first the 90s dance music with Corona, Alexia, Robert Miles, Snap and others, then techno, progressive, eurodance and italodance with Eiffel 65, Molella, Prezioso, Alice Deejay, Mario Più, Picotto, Gigi D’Agostino and more others change

him forever.He start the profession of DJ for some private parties and works in some local radio stations, but then he feels the need to create his music, he wants to give emotions to people through his music, just like the artists he listened to and who made him move.Therefore temporarily abandons the profession of DJ to start studying music, takes part in private electronic music lessons, devotes himself to the study of synthesizers and the creation of digital sound.Thus began his career as a music producer, experimenting with various musical genres, in 2013 he begins to publish his works and begins to be successful in 2017 with his remix “Piccole Cose” by Alessandra Amoroso in

a slow violent style similar to his teacher Gigi D’Agostino, many call him the new Gigi D’Agostino, obviously it is an honor for him but he reaffirms “I am Domy Dj and this is my music from my heart”.It is only from 2020 that his music has been released all over the world through the best digital music platforms but he is already collecting hits one after the other between unreleased and remixes.We mention some of his achievements, “Elettro Emotion” – “2080” – “High Suspence” – “2021 Loneliness Remix” with Cris Star (Dancer, Singer and TV Star with his more performances in the numerous programs on the main national TV channels and Performer of Basic Connection, one of the most famous groups of 90s dance music with their best song “Hablame Luna”) – “Royalblood” and “Angel Devil” with the Princess and Singer Lizan Dizaye (Star, Model, Climateactivist, Photographer, Poemwriter and the First Kurdish artist who has released dance techno, trance, music into kurdish music world in english style) – and the last song recently released but which is already a catchphrase “Going Crazy”.DOMY DJ- now it is in full musical activity and defines itself as a river in flood, about every month a new piece of music comes out.

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